Contract drafting


We always listen to our clients so that we understand what they expect to gain from each transaction, and we make sure that the contract we draft clearly reflects those expectations. In this respect we have particular expertise in drafting complex and international agreements, believing that our clients are entitled to the rights and benefits they agreed upon when entering their contract. Our lawyers are devoted thrtough their litigation background to advocating your contractual rights.


Contract negotiation

An important aspect to the preventive legal process is fair and well-conducted contract negotiations. Contracts are able to offer a business opportunity to prevent legal issues from arising. It is possible for us to assist you in negotiating a contract that will serve to protect your business or private rights and avoid conflict with suppliers, customers and partners.


When considering a major transaction, either commercial or private, your lawyer can prepare a letter of intent that avoids unintended vagueness. A careless and thoughtless letter of intent can give way to damaging results. You should always consult your lawyer before singing a letter of intent in order to protect you bargaining position in later negations and business deals.


Also, when dealing with a possible private agreement, it's always the best solution to confront your proposed partner with your lawyer, guaranteeing that all likely-to-incur difficulties and disagreements are foreseen and provided for in the contract.


At the end of the process, when negotiations and discussions are complete, it is vital that you carefully prepare and review contract documents to confirm that they reflect the business deal and the terms that had been reached during the negotiation process.


At a minimum the contract should contain "preventive" provisions like remedies for default, procedures for handling disputes, provisions limiting your liability, and provisions indemnifying you or your company against injury and damage claims. Your lawyers are able to review your contract and contract forms to assure that the contract protects you and your company's best interests.

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The principles of our contract work

Increase Revenues

We are providing solutions to increase your revenues by ensuring receipt of proper payments according to all contracts drafted and negotiated by us. This will prevent the loss of revenue from overlooked contract expiration dates and shortens the receival cycle.

Reduce Exposure

The capability to enforce standard language across all contracts in all enterprise areas is a key element in drafting contracts for our clients. Effective enterprise contract management reduces your exposure, missed opportunities, revenue leakage and increased regulatory scrutiny.

Ensure Compliance

Contract compliance monitors and tracks all transactions with all trading partners and ensures compliance with terms and conditions defined by contracts. Accuracy in contractual design and execution avoids disputes, reduces costs associated with dispute resolution and encourages long-term satisfaction with trading partners.

Track Performance

Your contracts should and will become diagnostic tools for ensuring the ongoing profitability of successful agreements and the correction or elimination of sub-optimal contracts and trading partner relationships.

Manage Risk

Our contract design provide global visibility into contractual terms governing trade relationships, thus exposing potential contractual inconsistencies among divisions and departments of our clients.


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