Debt collection and recovery

Pana, Vaida and Partners Law Firm had always handled, in the name and for its clients, debt recovery and collection, following all sorts of procedural regulations in both civil and business matters. Our lawyers prepared the enforcement, actually followed the enforcement procedures and obtained full recovery of collected debt up to 300.000 - 500.000 Euro.


Our lawyers are skilled in following all procedural steps in order to identify and investigate the legal status of your debtor. We can obtain detailed information regarding associates, administrators and managers, business and personal assests, any pledges and mortgages laid upon the goods of the debtor. We can also check upon previous enforcements upon any debtor and regarding the possible start-up of the insolvency proceedings.


Our law firm is fully prepared to represent its clients in order to obtain an amicable debt recovery by an agreement with the debtor, for both civil and business debts, and, in case such proceedings are unsuccesful, we can elect and pursue the legal means of action against your debtors - payment notices, exection of writs and judicial decisions, creation and enforcement of guarantees, and, finally, the actual exection procedures by the help and assisitance of an judicial enforcer.

Our fees are highly flexible and well adapted to all our clients, either natural persons or companies.

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