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Pana, Vaida & Parners Law Firm has its offices located in the center of Bucharest, Romania and emphasizes business law matters, litigation and business dispute resolution, arbitration and creditors' rights arising in the domestic as well as International/European arena, contract design, drafting, negociation and enforcement, corporate management issues and construction law.


Both our partners have practiced law with established and well recognized Romanian trade institutions and law firms, providing the expertise, professionalism, and high quality legal services that clients expect their legal counsel to render.


With us, you will gain our problem-solving, business-oriented approach and evaluations of the entire range of possible solutions, including business alternatives, negotiated solutions, government involvement and, if necessary, the most appropriate type of litigation. Your business diputes will be targeted with the most effective and efficient techniques in order to solve the conflict, to your satisfaction.


We understand that while some matters can and should be fairly and speedily settled, others must be taken to court.


While business/corporate law and litigation are at the center of our practice, we recognize that avoidance of what may be a protracted and expensive lawuit is often in our client's best interest. For that reason, we attempt, when possible, to resolve controversies without resort to courts.


We use Alternative Dispute Resolution (A.D.R.) techniques, including mediation, conciliation and arbitration. In addition, we review and negotiate contracts, employment agreements and leases to make sure that our clients' rights are protected and future legal controversies can be avoided.


At all points in our work, we closely connect with our clients to understand their wishes and needs, and we consult constantly with them to ensure that we are working to accomplish their goals.


In today's legal environment, matching your needs with the correct firm is crucial to the successful outcome of your legal matters. Like in so many other areas the pace of the changes in law can be overwhelming so our aim is always to provide a seamless service to our clients irrespective of where they are based.



Pana, Vaida & Partners Law Firm is a high-quality business focused partnership located in Bucharest Romania. Our law office is committed in providing excellent and seamless services to businesses located in Romania or abroad, while seeking to develop long-term relationships with start-ups/growing or well-established Romanian companies. You will be offered thoughtful, practical and business oriented legal advice, joined by mindful and prime class representation at rates commensurate with the value of the project.


Scope of practice

While we are representing a variety of types of businesses the main practice areas are focused on Romanian business law and connected matters such as: corporate formation, corporate management/legal risk management, mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation, contract design, negotiation and enforcement.


All services related to business and commercial matters include contract drafting and negotiation, handling corporate transactions, advising on intellectual property law and regulatory compliance, and resolving disputes before they escalate into costly and time consuming litigation. In this respect we act as outside counsel for Romanian and foreign companies that do not have in-house counsel and also as regular counsel for foreign companies investing in Romania.





Our clients entrusted us with legal business law issues such as contracts, debtor/creditor matters, construction law and alternative dispute resolution – arbitral proceedings; we also handle litigation for our clients. In addition to assisting clients with commercial issues, we have a busy practice designed to help those private individuals who need legal counseling and representation in matters related to civil law, administrative law, taxation, estates etc. Regardless of the issue that brings in a new client, many of them return because they know we are hard working, responsive and we take an aggressive approach that gets results.


We have a great track record and consider each client and their case to be important, no matter what the issue.


The legal problems of our clients are extremely diverse. Each one receives a frank assessment of their unique case. Our approach is direct and efficient because our clients' time is invaluable. Our lawyers return each phone call within 24 hours. In addition to personal and expedient service, we are willing to always go an extra mile to help clients with their legal issues.


We know that legal cost and expenses multiply quickly and are often a necessary evil. In order to help our business clients, we offer special fee arrangements when a client frequently turns to us for counsel.


The firm’s attorneys endeavor to be easily accessible and to respond quickly to client needs. In this framework we will respond any of your calls in no more than 24 hrs., maintaining direct and continuous contact with you.



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