Basics about our fees


At “Pana, Vaida and Partners” we have eliminated many of the "extra" expenses that can increase lawyer bills. Although we have a completely up-to-date set of electronic practice aids - including fully computerized network, broadband-access to the Internet, e-mail and imaging - we do not charge clients for any of these services. Furthermore, we do not charge separately for copying, faxing, printing or scanning done on our premises. Nor do we charge for first-class postage for ordinary letters or for our travel within Bucharest.


Reasonable counseling fees


It is important that a client be informed up front of our hourly billing rates and be given an estimate of the approximate number of hours it will take to complete an engagement. We will, in appropriate cases, limit an engagement so that legal fees will be lesser of the attorney's hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours spent, or the agreed upon limit.


Our hourly rates are often substantially less than other Romanian business law based firms with a commensurate level of experience - due, in part, to our lower overhead costs. We are also „personalizing” services to client’s needs and, in doing, so we offer the „first hour meeting” especially to configure our services and fees to your needs.


Litigation fees


Clients dread litigation fees. We know it. And we know why. At the end of the day, even if the client wins outright, it feels that it received what it was legally entitled to in any event, but only following the expenditure of litigation fees.


That’s why our attorneys make every effort to minimize the legal fees and other costs associated with litigation. When suggesting strategy we are also providing you an estimate of the costs to pursue that strategy - and what other, less expensive options may be available.



Other costs


It is our policy to pass along to our clients, at cost, charges for services rendered by outside services providers when those charges can be clearly linked to a client. These include charges for long-distance calls and faxes, messenger services, 24 hrs. deliveries, copying and printing by external providers, postage for large items and travel outside Bucharest and Romania, as well as charges for experts.


However, we never incur such charges without first discussing them with our client.



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