Our firm’s litigation practice includes the prosecution and defense of complex civil, commercial and administrative law cases for individuals and businesses.

In this regard, we attempt to assess the potential risks, costs and benefits of litigation and counsel our clients accordingly. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in matters ranging from sale of goods or services, business contract disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes, real estate disputes and bankruptcy disputes representing creditors and debtors in adversary proceedings, letters of credit and other business related claims.


We handle dual party as well as multi-party complex litigation at all levels of the Romanian court system.

We have represented individuals in diverse professions and positions, as well as partnerships and corporations in various industry areas. Our services range from counseling and negotiations to complex trials. We further offer extensive experience in litigating employment matters, including claims of wrongful termination and disputes over employment agreements.


Prior to the commencement of any litigation we provide counsel to help our clients evaluate whether to pursue litigation or explore all reasonable avenues of dispute resolution. If after consultation, our client makes a decision to litigate, trial preparation is conducted with the appropriate staffing so we remain focused and cost efficient. When research is necessary we rely upon experts in different industry fields.


During litigation we strive to keep our clients well informed at every step. While we recognize that clients expect an aggressive approach, we always try to balance forceful representation with prudent advice. When our client’s best interests are served by a settlement, alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration or mediation, or other non-litigation solutions, we strive to select the procedures that are both cost and time efficient.


Throughout the course of litigation we keep our clients advised of their rights, duties and liabilities. If settlement demands or offers are made, we assist our clients in analyzing the reasonableness of the proposal.


Post litigation assistance in enforcement of court decisions and arbitral awards. These services are rendered at both national and international level through our partners or, if we do not developed a partnership with a specialized attorney in the country you must enforce the decision, we are capable of finding one and exercise the enforcement accordingly.

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