Emilia Pana


E-mail: emma@panavaida.ro


Graduated the Bucharest University Law School and filled the position of legal counselor for a Romanian international trade company, being one of those primarily involved in negotiations for the conclusion of international trade contracts, international cooperation contracts and also into transactions and lawsuits in order for the settlement of high profile commercial disputes in Brasil, Venezuela, Columbia, USA, Canada, UK, Austria, France, Poland and Bulgaria. Mrs. Pana also has a long practice of representing companies in front of the Bucharest International Arbitration Court and has significant experience in reorganization, liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings.

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Anca Vaida


E-mail: anca@panavaida.ro

Graduated the Bucharest University Law School and has an extensive experience in the fields of business law, international business transactions, labor and transport law, working both as legal counselor for international trade companies and as an attorney-at-law in the Bucharest Bar Association. Anca Vaida has maintained a constant practice in company law and commercial dispute settlement and representation before the Courts of Law - including judicial reorganization, liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings. She represented companies from Romania, Germany, Hungary, Portugal and Italy.

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Ioan-Paul Martin

E-mail: paul@panavaida.ro

Graduate of Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, graduated in law in 2003, John Paul Martin is a member of the Bucharest Bar since 2005 and Lawyer in 2006. He graduated from the National Institute for the training of Lawyers, class of 2005-2006. It was joined in early 2007. Thorough preparation, the seriousness with which approaches each case - regardless of its complexity and professionalism in customer relations are key traits that define and represent the guarantee that problems will be treated with utmost care and devotion. Provides legal representation before the courts in Romania, regardless of the nature of the problem that customers face, particularly in the areas of civil law, commercial law and law offense.

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Alina Oceanu

E-mail: alina@panavaida.ro


ALINA ocean is associate lawyer and member of the team since 2008. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, "University of Bucharest" in 2008, the College of Law and European Studies at the University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne. She is a lawyer and member of the Bar of Galati in 2008. During the collaboration with SCA UP, AND SOCIATII VAIDA gained extensive experience in commercial law, labor law and civil law and make an important contribution in representing clients in courts, in disputes concerning insolvency proceedings, commercial disputes and enforcements forced. The Master in Law - Specialization "Business Law" - University Titu knowledgeable and good English and French languages.

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