Civil Society of Lawyers Professional Pana, Vaida and Associates is dedicated to providing professional services to a high degree of competence, paying great attention to professional ethics. In our work we undertake the following:

- We will keep in strict confidence all conversations, communications and information received from you throughout our professional relationship.

- We will pursue the purposes for which we were hired without any delay. Instead, expect full cooperation from you, given at the right time. However, we can not guarantee control over all aspects of our work, especially on third-party involvement or judicial activities carried out considering the public nature of debate in court.

- Always charge fees of course, proportional to its activities. We delegate tasks in the most effective way to reduce your costs to a maximum we will also provide the time slot that will reflect the activities carried out your account and related fees.

- We schedule appointments at your request whenever you feel necessary to clarify the services provided and fees charged by our company. If you are not satisfied with our services or if you feel we have not observed any commitment, we respectfully ask you to contact your lawyer responsible for the problem to attempt an amicable settlement of the dispute. We honestly try to resolve operational and as your complaints

- Correspondence with clients will be carried out promptly.

- Problems and possible misunderstanding about the billing will be handled expeditiously. All fees and expenses will be explained in more detail. In case of any unexpected budget overruns or the need for additional services will be informed in advance in order to make the right decision. Responsible lawyer will explain your problem in detail first bill to ensure that each item included is clearly expressed and easy to understand

- We are always open and we appreciate your suggestions

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