Taxation and fiscal law

Our attorneys represent taxpayers in tax controversies, audit examinations, duties payment arrangements and in the tax related court disputes.


Our experience covers a wide range of tax-sensitive commercial and personal transactions, mergers, acquisitions, restructurings and partnership ventures. We are providing advice and counsel regarding all the aspects of the new Fiscal Code based system, including:

1. Income taxes;
2. Profit taxes;
3. Small-size enterprise taxation;
4. Excise duties;
5. VAT regulations and recovery;
6. Non-resident taxation;
7. Public taxes and duties.


While much of our work to-day was transactional, we place a strong emphasis on developing long term relationships with our clients in all aspects involving tax-related matters of domestic and international relevance, essential for corporations and individuals engaged in strategic tax planning, helping them identify and implement long term tax goals.




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