Romanian Parliament

- Romanian Senate
- Romanian Chamber of Deputies


Romanian Government

- Romanian Government
- The Ministry of Health
- The Ministry of Labor and Social Security
- The Justice Department
- The European Integration Ministry
- The Ministry of Education and Research
- The Ministry of Finances
- The Ministry of Culture
- The Ministry of Communication
- The Department of Defense
- The Ministry for Foreign Affairs
- The Ministry of Interior
- The National Control Authority
- The Ministry of Industry and Commerce
- Governmental Strategies Agency
- The Ministry for Transports, Constructions and Tourism
- The National Agency for SME's and Co-operation
- The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development
- The Enviroment and Water Management Ministry
- The National Sport Agency



- The Court Portal

- The Romanian High Court of Justice
- The Romanian Constitutional Court


Other institutions

- The Romanian Agency for Foreign Investment
- The Ombudsman
- The Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority
- The Romanian Space Agency
- The Romanian Intelligence Service
- The Romanian Legislative Council
- The Romanian Adoption Authority
- The National Authority for Consumer Protection
- The Romanian National Authorty for Communications
- The Romanian National Authority for Energy
- Customs Authority
- The Competition Council
- Romanian Police
- Tomanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks
- The Romanian Official Gazette
- BVB/RASDAQ - Romanian Securities Market
- The Romanian Trade Registry
- The Romanian Foreign Trade Office
- Romanian Commodities Exchange
- Romanian National Bank
- The Romanian Statistics Institute
- Bucharest Municipality



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